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Unit1 Great scientists


1. put forward    提出
2. draw a conclusion   得出结论
3. be/get under control   在……控制下
be/get out of control   失去控制不能操纵
4. be absorbed in  专心
5. be to blame  应该受责备(用主动形式表示被动)
blame sb. for sth. 因某事责备某人
6. in addition    也,另外,此外
in addition to 除了...以外(包括在内)
7. link...to... 将…和…连接或联系起来
8. die of    因…而死亡(内因)
die from    因…而死亡(外因)
9. lead to   导致,通向
10. make sense  有意义,说得通
11. apart from   除…之外,此外
12. contribute to  为…作贡献或捐款,导致,有助于
13. be enthusiastic about 对…热情
14. be curious about  对…好奇
15. cure sb. of  illness   治好某人…病
16. point of view  态度,观点,看法
17.(be)strict with sb.对某人要求严格


1. John Snow was a well-known doctor in London – so famous, indeed, that he attended Queen Victoria to ease the birth of her babies.
2. But he became inspired when he thought about helping ordinary people exposed to cholera.
3. Neither its cause, nor its cure was understood.
4. He knew it would never be controlled until its cause was found.
5.  He got interested in two theories explaining how cholera killed people.
6. The second suggested that people absorbed this disease into their bodies with their meals.
7. He believed in the second theory but needed to prove he was correct.
8. It seemed that the water was to blame.     
9. Immediately John Snow told the astonished people in Broad Street to remove the handle from the water pump so it could not be used.
10. Only if you put the sun there did the movements of the other planets in the sky make sense.
11. But only his new theory could do that.
12. Yet Copernicus’ theory is now the base on which all our ideas of the universe are built.
Unit2 The United Kingdom


1. consist of   由…组成
2. divide…into…   把...分成...
3. at war (with…) (与…)交战中
4. break away ( from… ) 挣托(束缚);脱离
5. educational/legal system  教育/立法制度
6. have a good / bad influence on…  对…有好/坏影响
7. take the place of   代替
8. break down (机器)破坏,损坏;(人)身体出毛病;(计划等)受挫,失败
9. make an error  出错
10. leave out  省去;遗漏;不考虑
11. puzzle over / about 为…烦恼/困扰
12. debate sth. with sb. 与某人讨论、争辩
13. at your convenience 在你方便时候
14. in / with relation to (介)关于……;和……相关
15. under construction   在建设中


1. There is no need to debate any more why different words are used to describe the four countries.
2. To their surprise, the three countries found themselves united peacefully instead of by war. 
3. You must keep your eyes open if you are going to make your trip to the United Kingdom enjoyable and worthwhile.
4. Worried about the time available, Zhang Pingyu had made a list of the sites she wanted to see in London .
5. It looked splendid when first built.  
6. What interested her most was the longitude line.  
7. Come and see me whenever it is convenient to you.


Unit3 Life in the Future


1. make a deep/strong impression on sb.  给某人留下深刻印象
impress sb. with sth.= impress sth. on sb.  使人记住某事
2. take up  拿起/占用/接受/开始/从事/继续/选修
speed up   加速
sweep up  打扫 / 横扫 /掠过
use up   用光
come up   过来
eat up  吃光
sit up  熬夜 / 坐正
turn up  出现 / 开大(音/水量)
3. remind sb. of sth. 使某人回想起  某事 /提醒某人某事
remind sb. to do sth. 提醒人去做某事
remind sb. that…   提醒某人…
4. as a result (of…)   结果
5. suffer from   遭受
6. be similar to   和…相似
7. keep doing sth.   一直做某事
8. the six of us  我们六人(共六人)
9. by/ for /through +( the / a ) lack of… 由于……的缺乏
be lacking  in   缺乏(品质 /特点)
lack for…   缺乏…
10. in no time   很快,立刻
11. on one’s feet (从病痛、挫折中)复原
12. in all directions  四面八方
13. sb. lose / catch sight of…  看不见 / 看见
at first sight  第一眼
at the sight of…  一看见……就……
14. provided A with B   向A提供B
15. plenty of + /[c]    许多
16. be previous to…  早于…
17. compare A with B  把A与B作比较
compare A to B  把A与B作比较,把A比喻作B
18. for health reasons  出于健康原因
19. bend the rules  变通,放宽
20. on earth   究竟,到底
21. be under repair   在维修中
22. search for…   寻找
23. assist sb. in /with sth.= assist sb. in doing sth.= assist sb. to do sth.  帮忙,协助某人去做某事
24. go soft 变软
25. speak in whisper 低声地说
26. be optimistic about…  对…乐观
27. switch on/off  the power  开 /关电源
28.explain to sb. sth.= explain  sth. to sb. 向某人解释某事
29. give off  发出(光/热等)
30. get/be caught in …  被困在…中
31. require sb. to do sth.=require that sb. (should ) do sth.
sth. require doing / to be done  某物需要被
32. be supposed to do  应该
33. be equipped with … 装备有…
34. be essential for/to…  对......是必要的


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